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At Digital Age Technologies we take security issues very seriously. Our systems have been designed to accommodate the latest security standards available today as endorsed by the financial and banking institutions of the world. Our procedures for collecting payments from cardholders are recognised and proven to be the best that technology can offer.

Our security implementation, which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology extensively, provides a reliable mechanism for the secure transport of sensitive data across the Internet. All data transmitted between the merchant and ourselves (and the merchant’s customers) is encrypted to ensure that no personal and/or private data can be intercepted en route. Inherent in SSL is the ability to perform authentication and verification of the identities of all parties including merchants, banks, acquiring institutions, and others involved in the processing of an on-line payment transaction. This means that there are no unknown or untrusted agents involved at any stage.

Additionally we conform to the SET™ (Secure Electronic Transaction) specification as administered by SET Secure Electronic Transaction LLC ( This provides additional encryption of the transmitted data and also provides the framework around which every payment transaction revolves. SET is responsible for the dispersing of data to each party involved in the transaction, and it makes sure that only relevant data reaches the appropriate end-point. So no party involved in a SET transaction is able to see or use all the pieces of data that is circulating. As an example, during a purchase, credit card details can only be seen by the cardholder and the acquiring institution (ex VISA or MasterCard). No one else has access to that information, including us.

The subject of security and its related issues is a vast topic, and we hope to bring a collection of this information to you in the pages below. We hope that this will provide our clients and general viewers with an opportunity to make themselves aware of some of the key components regarding safe on-line trading via the Internet. These pages will be a constant “work in progress” as new standards and applications emerge that make the Internet a safer place. We will try to provide as much information as possible about these changes, and also keep you up to date with DAT’s implementation of new security technologies.

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