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iHost Packages:

Clients hosting their web sites with DAT enjoy quicker and more reliable connectivity between the server on which their web site is hosted and our POS server that processes transactions because there is a direct cable connection connecting the two servers instead of a Telkom line, which eliminates the risk of downtime due to Telkom. DAT also backs up all the transaction data daily to ensure that no data can ever be lost, a service offered at no additional cost to you.

All hosting of our clients’ web sites and our secure POS server is done at our hosting partner’s premises. The server on which your web site will be hosted is in a secure server room with sophisticated physical and virtual security and environmental controls in place, including a Cisco PIX firewall, rack mounting, an alternative UPS generator power supply to avoid downtime due to power cuts, power surge and lightning protection, false floor space and air-conditioning. If you choose to host your site on its own dedicated server, you will need to provide us with a server in a rack-mountable server case. Should you need to purchase a server, DAT can supply you with one. Our clients are allowed to manage their servers remotely via FTP or through any other method agreed upon.

However, in line with our philosophy of offering an affordable e-business solution to any business, we offer a range of hosting solutions to cater for the needs of different size clients. Please click the appropriate link below for more information about that hosting solution, or click here if you need advice on which hosting solution will be best for your site.


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